Players Information

Steps for Player seeking to Transfer

A. Give Club Secretary details

  • Contact the Secretary of the Club you wish to join and give him/her the following details:
    • Your personal e-mail address.
    • Name of the Club and County you wish to leave.


B. Club Secretary will access the Player Transfer System

  • The Club Secretary will then log in to the Player Transfer System and send an online transfer application to you.


C. Player makes Online Application

  • You will receive an e-mail entitled ‘Inter-County Transfer Application’.
NOTE: Please check the junk and spam folders in your e-mail account.

Figure 1 - E-mail to player entitled 'Inter-County Transfer Application'


Submission of Details

  • Follow the ‘Click here’ link to submit the details of your application.

Figure 2 - Player's Online Application Form


Confirmation of Submission

Once you click submit, you will receive a summary of the next steps. No further action is required from you (If details are accurate).


D. Club reviews Application and submits to Central Council

  • The Club you wish to join will be alerted to the fact that you’ve submitted your details.
  • If inaccuracies are noted, the Club can seek an amendment from you.
  • Once the Club is satisfied that your details are correct, the application will be sent to Central Council for processing.


E. Central Council processes Application

  • If all of the information appears to be in order, Central Council will forward the application to all parties for consideration.
  • The Club you are leaving and both Counties will receive an e-mail from Central Council and can either ‘Accept’ or ‘Object’ the application within 10 days.


F. Notification of Decision

  • Both County and Club Secretaries will be notified when a decision has been made.



  • At the earliest, a player cannot play for six days after a transfer is granted in Croke Park.  
  • Once both County Committees are notified of a decision on a transfer application by Central Council, there is a three day period for an Appeal. This period must expire and cannot be expedited. On the expiry of these three days, a player can be registered by his Club and the transfer becomes effective. 
  • All players must be registered three days before a game.  
  • It is important to note that a player cannot apply for registration until after the time for an Appeal against such transfer has elapsed.


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