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A. County Notified of Online Transfer Application

If a player is transferring between Counties, the first time that the County Committees will officially become aware of an application is when their County Secretaries receive an e-mail from Central Council informing them that a transfer for their consideration has been submitted by a player and has been approved by the Club he wants to join.

Figure 1 - E-mail to County Secretary – ‘Online Inter-County Transfer for Approval’


B. County makes Decision on Application

Each County Secretary now has two options to convey the County Committee’s decision on the application to Central Council; he/she can:

  • Option 1) Click on ‘Click here’ to view details of the application and make an instant decision.
  • Option 2) Log in to the Player Transfer System (PTS) [] using their Membership Number and Password within 10 days of the notification to make a decision.


Overview of Option 1 – Follow the link in the e-mail

Click on the ‘Click here’ link in the e-mail

•This will display the information relating to the transfer application.

• Upon viewing the information, the County Secretary can either choose to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ the application.

Figure 2 - Option 1 – Page appears when Secretary clicks on the ‘Click here’ link in the e-mail  


Option 2 – Access the Player Transfer System

County Secretary visits the Player Transfer System at and logs in with his/her GAA Membership Number and Password.

Figure 3 - Player Transfer System -


Decision using Transfer System

Go to the ‘Transfers’ section


  • Under ‘Next Actions’, the following options are available:
    • Select ‘View Status’ – This will allow you to determine if the Club in your County’s jurisdiction has approved the transfer.
    • Select ‘Approve’ – This will notify Central Council that the County has no Objection to the transfer.
    • Select ‘Reject’ – The Secretary will provide a brief reason as to why the County wishes to Object to the transfer. An Administrator in Croke Park will liaise with the County on the process for lodging a formal Objection.


Notification to Club of Transfer Application

The Club Secretary a player wishes to leave will be notified in a separate e-mail from Central Council that an Online Inter-County Transfer has been submitted for the Club’s approval. The County Secretary should not forward the e-mail from the Player Transfer System as the link in the e-mail is only for the County Secretary. If the County Secretary wishes, he/she can print or save a PDF version of the application and send it to the Club for consideration.


C. Granting of an Application

• Subject to Riail 6.6 (b) T.O. 2014, an application shall be granted by Central Council if there is no Objection from the Club or County the player is leaving within 10 days of the forwarding of the application to the County by Central Council.

• Central Council will receive an alert when all parties approve an application and have the ability to grant an application at any stage.

• Once Central Council makes the decision on an application, all parties will have three days to Appeal the decision (Riail 6.6 (j) T.O. 2014).


D. Notification of Decision on an Application

• The decision on a transfer application will be conveyed via e-mail to both County Secretaries and both Club Secretaries.

For 2015 County Secretaries are also asked to notify Clubs of the decisions on applications.

o This is because in the event of e-mails from the Online System going into the junk mail or spam account of a Club Secretary’s e-mail account, the Club will have the option of lodging an Appeal within three days of the notification of decision.

o It is not envisaged that e-mails will go into spam accounts but this is a preventative measure for the pilot of the system.

Figure 4 - Example of Decision on Transfer Application County Secretaries are encouraged to forward the e-mail in the Figure above to Clubs.  




Perform Login

To log in to the system, perform the following steps:

  • Enter your 7 digit GAA Membership Number
  • Enter your password in the Password text box (Passwords are case sensitive)
  • Click the ‘Verify’ button


Finding Membership Number

  1. Option 1 – Locate the number at the bottom of your Membership Card.
  2. Option 2 – E-mail the Administrators of Transfers in Croke Park


Invalid Login and Forgotten Passwords

A ‘Fix errors’ message will be displayed in the following circumstances:


  1. The Membership ID in question has not been granted login privileges to the system.
  2. The Membership ID in question has had its login privileges revoked by a System or Club Administrator.
  3. The Username/Password is incorrect.


You will need to reset your password, to do so click 'Forgot your Password?' and submit the form to request a new password.

Figure 1 - Request a Password reset from Servasport Support



  • Login credentials can only be sent to an official GAA County Secretary e-mail address (i.e.
  • If your County does not have an official GAA e-mail account, please request a password from the Games Administration Department in Croke Park.
  • The password issued by the Servasport Support team is effectively a temporary password. The Secretary will be asked to reset his/her password to a new value the first time he/she attempts to use this password.


Password Reset

Users may be required to reset their passwords from time to time, in order to help maintain system security. In such instances they will be required to specify the following information:

  • Current Password
    • New Password o The new password must be entered twice for validation purposes.
    • The new password value must contain alphanumeric characters, be at least eight characters in length and contain at least one digit.
    • The new password must differ from previous passwords.
    • Contact Name
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Number

Please contact the Servasport Support team if there are any issues performing the password reset by click 'Contact Support'


Contact Support

Servasport support details:



Ireland: 048 90 313 845

Six Counties and Britain: 028 90 313 845

International: +44 2890 313 845




Dashboard Section

The Dashboard has three main sections:

  1. Recent Transfers
  2. Recent Notifications
  3. Resources

Figure 1- Player Transfer System Dashboard – County Level


Recent Transfers

A list of ‘Recent Transfers’ is presented with the following information in relation to transfer applications:

  • Applicant’s Name
  • Old Club
  • New Club
  • Status of Transfer e.g. ‘Waiting on GAA to Process’, ‘Processing’
  • A green or red circle indicating the number of days remaining for the Club and Counties to consider the application (Riail 6.6 (e) T.O. 2014).


Viewing Details of a Transfer Application

  • Click on the ‘View’ button to display all information on the transfer application


Details and Status of Transfer Application

The transfer application details illustrated in the Figure below will display if the Secretary clicks on the ‘View’ button.

Figure 2 - Status of Transfer Application


The ‘Transfer Application’ page allows all relevant parties to determine the stakeholders that are yet to approve an application and whether or not anyone has rejected it. From viewing the screenshot in the Figure above, the County Secretary can see that the application is pending at Tyrone County Level, has been Rejected by the Club and has not yet been approved by the GAA.


View details of a Decision

Click on ‘View Details’ under any step of the process to view:

  • Decision Maker i.e. Club/County
  • Decision
  • Time Decision Made
  • Reason
  • Email Address used

Figure 3 - View Details of Decision


The Figure above shows the details of the decision made by the Club the player in question wishes to leave.


Recent Notifications

An example of a notification for a County Secretary would be:

  • Transfer Forwarded – This confirms that an online application requires a decision at County level.  



The following resources are available on the dashboard:

  • GAA Official Guide – The General Rules of the Association.
  • Live Inter-County Transfer List – A list of all Inter-County transfers that have been approved by the C.C.C.C. This list includes transfer processed using the online and paper based systems.
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Transfers – Answers to frequently asked questions on transfers, sanctions and authorisations.
  • Using the Online Transfer System – User guides on the Player Transfer System.


Transfers Section

The ‘Transfers’ section allows a County Secretary to:

  • Approve or Reject – If the Club doesn’t use the link in the e-mail to Approve or Reject the transfer, the Secretary can go to the transfers section within the period allowed and either ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ the application.

Figure 4 - 'Transfers' section of PTS at County Level


Making a Decision on a Transfer

In the transfers section, under ‘Next Actions’:

  • Select ‘View Status’ – This will allow you to determine if the Club in your County’s jurisdiction has approved the transfer.
  • Select ‘Approve’ – This will notify Central Council that the County has no Objection to the transfer.
  • Select ‘Reject’ – The Secretary will provide a brief reason as to why the County wishes to Object to the transfer. An Administrator in Croke Park will liaise with the County on the process for lodging a formal Objection.


Printing of Applications

An appropriate Club or County Secretary can print a copy of an application if he/she wants to share it with an appropriate Committee or keep a copy for official purposes. If a user prints an application, a page similar to the one in the Figure below will be printed.


Printing Option

  • Click on ‘View Status’
  • Click on the ‘Print’ button
  • Print to your preferred printer


Save as PDF Option (If your internet browser is Google Chrome)

  • Click on ‘View Status
  • Click on ‘Print’ button
  • In the ‘Destination’ section of the Print Preview, click on ‘Change’
  • Under ‘Local Destinations’ – Click on ‘Save as PDF’
  • Give the application an appropriate name and save to your computer

Figure 5 - Print out of Online Inter-County Transfer Application



Phase two of the Online Transfer System will incorporate reporting. For example, a report can be generated giving breakdowns of the number of players leaving a particular Club or County.


Transfer History

Phase two of the project will also see all transfers on the current ‘Live Transfer List’ imported to the PTS so that all transfers as past number of years can be easily located.


More Information

For more information, please visit -

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