Parent Competition Structure (Master Competitions)

Master competitions can be created and used to group competitions together in the competition wizard. A new competition feed for Json/XML exists to return the competitions in a new structure. 

This structure allows the GAA to group multiple child competitions under a single parent competition, which will see a historical record being created.



Sport ­­> Parent Competition ­­> Competition Instance
Hurling ­­> National Hurling League ­­> National Hurling League 2013 Hurling ­­> National Hurling League ­­> National Hurling League 2014 Hurling ­­> National Hurling League ­­> National Hurling League 2015


  1. Under the competition module, select the new tab called master competitions.
  2. Add a number of new competitions and edit the current master competitions to ensure that details are saved and updated correctly.
  3. Under the competitions tab, select a competition already created and navigate to step 2 of the wizard. Check that the drop down called competition group contains the list of master competitions
  4. Select a master competition in the drop down and save.


NOTE: The new feed is based on returning the new competition structure so therefore if a competition has not set a master competition it will not be returned in the feed.



The list of competitions can be queried using the parameters set out below (parameters are case sensitive):

  • id (the id of the master competition)
  • ownerId (the owner id of the master competition e.g GAA owned comps will have an owner id of 1)
  • code (“FOOTBALL”,”HURLING”)



An example call to the feed will be:




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