County Alerts

There are several alerts that will appear on the Welcome page that a county administrator will need to take action on. Below is a list of the possible alerts the county administrator will see;



This alert appears when the club's SMS balance is low and a new credit bundle is required to be purchased.

For more information on SMS click here.


Amalgamation Pending

This alert will appear when another club has requested to amalgamate with their club.

For more information on amalgamations click here.


Committee Positions

This alert will appear if any of the mandatory committee positions have not yet been filled on the system for your county.

For more information on committees click here.


Fixture Alerts

Alerts will also appear in this section in relation to fixtures associated with the county board. Typical fixture alerts that would appear would be for pending results, pending walkovers, postponed fixtures or fixtures that have been recently changed.


Figure 1 – Alerts


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