Club Alerts

There are several alerts that will appear on the Welcome page that a club administrator will need to take action on. Below is a list of the possible alerts the club administrator will see;


Submit Registrations

This alert allows your to submit your registrations to the appropriate levels. The alert also shows the number of members registered and a time stamp of the last time the registrations were submitted.

For more information on submitting registrations click here.


County Levy Fee

This alert is to indicate that an LGFA club has not yet paid the Levy fee to their County Board. This will disappear after the fee has been paid.


Duplicate Member Detection Alert

This alert will indicate if there are any members that the system has detected as potential duplicates.

For more information on Duplicate Member Detection click here.



This alert appears when the club's SMS balance is low and a new credit bundle is required to be purchased.

For more information on SMS click here.


Figure 1 – Alerts

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