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Fees Notification

When the administrator logs in, a notification will appear on the system if your club has yet to pay the required mandatory All-Ireland Levy fee to central council. If you do not get this prompt then this fee has already been paid.



2.2. Paying Fees

To pay the fees you will need to click on the PayPal button on the screen and login using your clubs PayPal details. If you do not have a PayPal account then you will need to get an account created ASAP. Follow the links below to create a PayPal account. If you are a Northern Irish club use the UK link and if you are an Irish club use the Irish link below.


Ireland -


NI -

Contact PayPal if you have any questions during your account set up. Details are below:

Calling from within Ireland: 1890943771

Calling from within Northern Ireland: 0800 368 7141


There is also a document on to help clubs to create their PayPal accounts.

2.2.1 Cost

Each club are required to be pay the following;

  • Servasport system fee of €15.
  • All Ireland Levy fee of €150.

Transaction Fees

Each time a club administrator pays for the fees through the LGFA Management system a transaction fee will be added to the total payment. The fee is 2.5% + €0.35 per transaction. This is added to every payment through the system. There are no additional fees associated with processing payments via the system.


The transaction fee breakdown is as follows:

  • Paypal Transaction Fee = 1.4% + €0.35
  • Servasport Transaction Fee = 1.1%

2.2.3 How often are fees paid?

When you first access the system you are required to pay your fees straight away and then you will only ever be prompted to pay fees at the beginning of each year in order to register your members.


Once the fees have been paid select the return button to return back to the LGFA Management System. If you do not return back to the system and close your browser your transaction may fail.



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