Bulk Update Members

Step by Step Guide to Bulk Update Members


The Bulk Update Members function enables the Club Administrator to update a large number of members details at the same time by uploading an Excel document in CSV format, rather than searching and updating each member individually. 


  1. Go to 'Add&View Members'
  2. Click 'More Options'
  3. Click 'Bulk Update Members'



Figure 1 - Bulk Update Members Page.


Step 1

  1. Click 'Click Here' for a spreadsheet pre-populated with all Club Members details
  2. When the spreadsheet opens, update the relevant member details. Members who's details do not need edited can be left in the spreadsheet.
  3. When you have finished editing, click 'Save'.
  4. Give the spreadsheet an appropriate name, once you are aware of where you are saving the spreadsheet to (e.g Desktop, My Documents) click 'Ok'.
  • DOB must be in the format DD/MM/YYYY. For example 12/12/1980.
  • Fields marked with a * are mandatory and must be filled in. Fields without a * are optional and can be left blank.
  • If your file contains fadas you will need to perform one additional step before uploading it into the system-
  • Open Notepad.
  • Click File > Open and select the bulk update members file.
  • Remove any blank trailing spaces at the end of the text.
  • Click File > Save As.
  • Set Encoding to UTF-8.
  • Click Save.


Step 2

  1. Click 'Browse' to locate the members file you previously saved.
  2. When you have located the file click 'Open'.


Step 3

  1. Click 'Preview'
  2. The next page is a preview of the members details and will tell you the -
    • Total Number of Players Previewed

    • Total Number of Players with GOOD data

    • Total Number of Players with BAD data

  3. All members updated and left the same will now have two rows- the first row contains the Members ID and shows the members details before it was edited, the second row has a green tick and shows the updated members details. If a member has not be updated the two rows will be the same.
  4. Any members record whose information has been entered incorrectly will contain an 'X' to the left of their name.
  5. The fields that contain 'bad data' and need editing will be highlighted in red.
  6. Click 'Import' till import the members with no errors.
  7. A drop down message will appear informing you of the number of members successfully updated and the number of members who were unable to be updated due to errors.
  8. You can now 'Export Bad Records' which will produce a new Excel spreadsheet of only members whose details contained an error. If you choose to do this, see below.
  9. If you do not wish to edit and import the members who were unable to be imported due to errors, Click 'Ok'.



Figure 2 - Two rows showing what the members details were and what they will change to.



Export Bad Records

On clicking 'Export Bad Records' you will now be presented with a spreadsheet containing the members who's information needs to be edited before it can be imported. ( Open-office (not Excel) users will need to make sure that the text delimiter option is set to blank when they are given the option)

  1. To the right of the last column in the spreadsheet you will see information on what fields need editing
  2. Edit the necessary fields and save the file (ensure it is saved in CSV Format).
  3. Carry out the steps outlined above to first Preview the file before Importing it.


  • In Figure 3 below one members details contained an error in the 'Country' column. This was due to Ireland not having an uppercase letter. Changing 'ireland' to 'Ireland' would remove the error.
  • Many fields require an uppercase letter, it is good data practice to begin names and addresses with uppercase letters, some fields will be shown as an error if an uppercase letter is not used. For example 'Ireland', 'Fermanagh', David'.




 Figure 3 - Export Bad Records to a new Excel Spreadsheet to edit the errors and re-import. 


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