Club Member Registration Payment

When the required members have being registered via the ‘Register Members’ page the administrator will need to navigate to the ‘Welcome’ section and click on the alert ‘Submit Registrations to Croke Park & the County Registrar’.



When this is selected a pop up notification will appear to pay for member registration. There are three action buttons which are;

  • ‘Cancel’ which will allow the administrator to cancel their action
  • ‘View Members’ which will allow the administrator to view the members they are about to pay for.
  • The Paypal button which reads, ‘PayPal. Click here to pay’. This will allow the administrator to leave the Camogie Management System and pay for member registration via Paypal.



When the Paypal button is selected you will leave the Camogie Management System and be brought to the Paypal Payment Summary screen. A summary of amounts that is to be paid to each receiver account will be detailed within the payment summary screen like the example below.



NOTE: Servasport have no control over the text displayed within the description section, they will be shown as the store name selected in by the following Paypal accounts:

●      National Level

●      Provincial Level

●      County Level

●      Servasport Account - will be displayed as ‘Servasport Transaction Fee’.


The administrator will be required to enter their Paypal login details and will then be shown the below screen to review their information before making a payment. The administrator can change their payment method or leave a memo before confirming payment.




NOTE: If any transactions are executed after 31st May 2017 an additional Paypal transaction fee will be displayed on the Paypal payment summary screen which was paid for by the receiver accounts from 1st Jan - 31st May. This transaction fee is a 1.4% = €0.35 Paypal transaction fee.


When the member registration payment has been successfully completed the administrator will be notified on the Paypal screen like the example below. After the payment has been made you will be automatically redirected to the Camogie Management system.


If you are not automatically returned to the Camogie Management system please selected the yellow ‘Return’ button. Upon returning to the Camogie Management system you will also see the below notification to confirm the registration fees have been paid. Select ‘Close’ to continue using the system.




●      Clubs members will be only be fully registered when the registration payment has been paid via Paypal. This will be confirmed when their name has turned from red to black within the Add & View Members Page.

●      If you wish to add a member to the system but you don’t wish to register them straight away, you will have to hibernate the member.

●      All payments are recorded within the Payment Invoices page found within the Club Admin Section.


Transaction Fees

Each time a club administrator pays for a members registration through the Camogie Management system a transaction fee will be added to the total payment. The fee is 2.5% + €0.35 per transaction. This is added to every payment through the system. There are no additional fees associated with processing payments via the system.


The transaction fee breakdown is as follows:

  • Paypal Transaction Fee = 1.4% + €0.35
  • Servasport Transaction Fee = 1.1%


NOTE: The National Camogie Association will pay for the Paypal Transaction fee from 1st January up until 31st May.

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