Members Section

Members Section

The Members Section provides the Club Administrator with the ability to manage Members and Contacts associated with their club/county.

The Dashboard is where you can get the information you need quickly and effectively in the form of pie charts and bar charts. The Dashboard provides information on -

  • Members who are registered, unregistered, hibernated and added as contacts.
  • Registrations Overview for U10 Player, U12-18 Player, Adult Player, G4M&O Player, Team Official, Coach, Administrator and Match Official registered members in the club.
The Members tab contains the following sections-
  • Dashboard
  • Add&View Members
  • Register Members
  • Teams
  • Groups
  • Committees
The 'Add & View Members' tab is where you can view all Members - registered and un-registered.

The 'Register Members' tab is where you can re-register existing club members for the current season. See Registration.

Figure 1 - Members Dashboard


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