Annual €2 Fees

The Annual €2 Fees section provides the Club Administrator with the ability to;


Generate Invoice

To generate an invoice for the current years Annual €2 Fees click on 'Club Admin' along the left and then select 'Annual €2 Fees' then click the 'Generate Invoice' button and this will automatically generate the Annual €2 Fees invoice. Please note: the generate invoice button will only become available from 10th April 2017 onwards.

The invoice for the current year will be added to table along with the rest of the previous years Annual €2 Fees invoices and will display

  • Season
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Total

NOTE: Only members that have been marked as paid within the Fees section will be accounted for within this invoice.


Re-Generate Invoice

If changes have been made to the fees section and/or new members have been registered since the club administrator has generated the Annual €2 Fees invoice then the club administrator will need to Re-Generate that invoice.


To Re-Generate an invoice for the current years Annual €2 Fees click on 'Club Admin' along the left and then select 'Annual €2 Fees' then click the 'Re-Generate Invoice' button and this will re-generate the Annual €2 Fees invoice and update the invoice total along with the order details of the invoice. 



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