Logging into the system/Password Reset

Perform Login

To log into the system perform the following steps:

1. Enter the username in the Username textbox. Your Username is your seven digit Ladies Gaelic Membership number.

2. Enter the password in the Password textbox. Passwords are case sensitive.

3. Select the Remember me on this computer checkbox if you want to store your login credentials within the Internet Browser on the computer in question.

  • NOTE– You should NEVER select this option when accessing the system from a public computer.

4. Click the Sign in button.

Figure 1 – Login Screen


Invalid Login and Forgotten Passwords

An Invalid Login message will be displayed in the following circumstances:

  • The Username in question has not been granted login privileges to the system.
  • The Username in question has had their login privileges revoked by a System or Club Administrator.
  • The Username/Password is incorrect.

You will need to reset your password, to do so click 'Forgot your Password?' and submit the form shown below to request a new password.

The password issued by the Servasport Support team is effectively a temporary password. The end user will be asked to reset their password to a new value the first time they attempt to use this password.

Figure 2 - Request a Password Reset from Servasport Support by submitting the above form.

Password Reset

Users may be required to reset their passwords from time to time, in order to help maintain system security. In such instances they will be required to specify the following information:

  • Current Password
  • New Password
    • The new password must be entered twice for validation purposes.
    • The new password value must contain alphanumeric characters, be at least eight characters in length and contain at least one digit.
    • The new password must differ from previous passwords.
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Number

Please contact the Servasport Support team if there are any issues performing the password reset by click 'Contact Support


Figure 3 - Servasport Support Contact Information

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