Camogie Age Level Categories and Search Results

Camogie Age Level Categories and Search Results


You can search for 'Age Level' in the Add & View Members Page under the Members Section. The table below outlines what ages are taken in to consideration and displayed as results when searching for each age level within your club in the Camogie Management System.
Search by :Ages returned in Result
U6 6-5
U7 7-6
U8 8-6
U9 9-7
U10 10-7
U11 11-8
U12 12-9
U13 13-10
U14 14-10
U15 15-11
U16 16-12
U17 17-13
U18 18-14
U19 19-15
U20 20-16
U21 21-16
Adult 16+
Figure 1 - Searching for Members by 'Age Level'.
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