SMS Costs


SMS Bundles

The following SMS credit bundles are now available to all clubs:

  • Bronze - 10,000 credits = €200
  • Silver - 25,000 credits = €500
  • Gold - 50,000 credits = €1,000
  • Platinum - 100,000 credits = €2,000
All bundles can be bought through the system, and can be purchased using Paypal or by cheque. 
Please make cheque payable to:
11th Floor, Causeway Tower, 9A James Street South, Belfast, BT2 8DN.
For further information please contact our Support Team at:
Phone: 048 90 313 845 (Ireland)
Phone: 028 90 313 845 (N.Ireland)

*Please note, the costs of these credit bundles do not include VAT.

**An admin and cheque fee may also apply.


SMS Credit Bundle Charges

*The cost of sending SMS messages to ROI Mobile Numbers is subject to change should the Mobile Network Operators increase their rates. Should they do so, the increased charges may be applied with immediate effect.

**Messages that are over 160 characters will cost twice the amount of credits per message and the sender will see a concatenated message on the screen to alert them to this.

***As of 01/07/2014 the cost of sending an SMS message to all mobile networks will cost 2 credits per message.


VAT Charges

VAT is charged on all SMS Bundle purchases. All Clubs that are VAT registered may avoid this cost by supplying their VAT number at the point of purchase (ROI Clubs only) or by reclaiming it at a later stage (NI Clubs only).

Club Administrators can update the Club information page to store the Club VAT number. The VAT number will then be included on all invoices generated for SMS Bundle purchases. To view details on storing the Club VAT number, click here.


To view details on sending SMS Communications, click here.

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