Welcome Page - Post All-Ireland Fee Payment

Welcome page

Once the mandatory All Ireland Levy fee has been paid the administrator will be brought to the welcome page of the system. The welcome page consists of some important news stories that will be updated regularly so it is important to keep an eye on this section.


There is some key information listed in this section relating to data protection and child protection laws. Clicking on these links will give further information on how to comply with these laws when using the Camogie Management system.



There are several alerts that will appear on the Welcome page but for each level of access an administrator has to the system, there will be different alerts customised to their level.

For a list of all alerts that may display within the alerts section of the Welcome page please click the access level you have below for a full explanation of each alert;

Provincial Alerts

County Alerts

Club Alerts


Other key information

When a user is logged into the system they will see at the top left their name, the club that they are currently viewing and a logout button. Some members may be an administrator at both club and county level and can switch between the two clubs views on the system by clicking on the clubs name.


By clicking on the name at the top left you will also be able to view and edit the administrators details although the unique ID cannot be changed as every member has one unique ID on the system. Every club registrar MUST change this to their own name - It is currently set to ‘Club Admin’ as a default setting.


Passwords can also be changed within this section.

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