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The Club Admin section provides the Club Administrator with the ability to perform and view the following:

Update Club Properties (e.g. Club Name & Address)


The following list of Club properties can be updated from this page:

  • Display Name
NOTE: The value specified here will be displayed on GAA Membership Cards as well as Reports and Team sheets generated via the system.
  • Irish Name (Required)
  • Address 1 (Required)
  • Address 2 (Required)
  • Address 3 (Optional)
  • Address 4 (Optional)
  • Town (Required)
  • County (Required)
  • County Board (Required)
  • Country (Required)
  • Postcode (Optional)
  • Club Crest (Optional)
NOTE: An image of the Club Crest may be uploaded to the system via this option. After uploading the Club Crest will be displayed on Club Reports. The club crest can not exceed 500X200 pixels.

  • Club VAT Number (Optional)
NOTE: Clubs who utilise the system to send SMS messages to their Club Members may specify their VAT Number here, if applicable. The VAT Number will then appear on Invoices for SMS Bundles. VAT is charged on all SMS Bundle purchases. All Clubs that are VAT registered may avoid this cost by supplying their VAT number at the point of purchase (ROI Clubs only) or by reclaiming it at a later stage (NI Clubs only).
  • SMS Sender ID
NOTE: Clubs who utilise the system to send SMS messages to their Club Members may specify an SMS Sender ID (e.g. Club Name). The source of the SMS Messages received by Club Members will be the value specified for this property.



Figure 1 – Club Admin Page


Changing the Sender Name For Club Messages

To change the sender name of club messages, perform the following instructions:

  • Go to Club Admin 
  • At the bottom of the page change the name in the SMS Sender ID field to the name you want to send the SMS as



Figure 2 - Changing the Sender Name for Club Messages

Note: The size of text that can be put into the SMS Sender ID box is limited to 11 characters. This limit is set by our third party SMS provider. 

Print Executive Committee Report (County Level Users)


  • Click on Club Admin > Club
  • Select the Club(s) using the check boxes that you would like to print the Executive Committee Report for.
  • Hover over 'Print Committee' and select either PDF or Word.
  • The report will open in the format you selected, select 'File' and 'Print'.
  • If you have selected more than one club, each clubs committee will be displayed on a new page.
Figure 3 - Print Executive Committee Report
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