Fees Section

The following section provides the Club Administrator with the ability to perform the following actions:

Define Payment Categories for Club Subscription


  1. From the navigation menu select Fees, then Membership Categories
  2. To set the costs for each category, click on the category, then enter a new value into the Fee (€) field and click Submit
  3. You can also add user defined categories by clicking on the Add button at the top of the Fees Category Table and enter the details.



Figure 1 - Fees Categories Page

Record Members that have paid their Annual Club Subscription

To set your members fees as paid, follow these steps (please note that only registered members will appear in the fees section):

  1. From the navigation menu select Fees, then Payments.
  2. Click on the member's name that you wish to update.
  3. You can search for payment details using the search box and selecting from the fields below - 
    • Club Details
      • Family
      • Team
    • Fees Details
      • Payment Status
      • Season
    • Member Details
      • Forename
      • Surname
      • Age Level
      • Address 1
      • Address 2
      • Town
      • Postcode
  4. Select their Fee Category (ie Full, youth, honorary, social, user-defined).
  5. Enter the amount that they have paid. 
  6. Enter the date paid.
  7. If they are part of a family this information will be stored under Family/Group Details.
  8. Click on submit.


Figure 2 - Payment Details 


Alternatively if a member has paid in full you can update their fees record by-

  1. Selecting their name using the check box.
  2. Edit the 'Fee Payment Category' if necessary using the drop down list.
  3. Click 'Mark As Paid' to update the members fees.


Figure 3 - Update Members Fees


Family Fees

Fees can be paid for a family, as long as the family has been created and grouped together under the one Family name. To see how to create/add members to a family click here.

Search for a Family in the Fees Section -

  1. In the Fees Section:
    • From the drop down list under Club Details select 'Family'.
    • Choose a family name from the drop down list.
    • Click Search

The Family members are shown in the table, to mark a family as paid the 'Head' of the Familys Fees will need to be updated and marked as paid - this will mark the Family as paid.


Figure 4 - Search for a Family in the Fees Section.



View members who are registered but still unpaid

To view the members who are registered and who haven't paid the club fees, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on 'Members' then 'View Members'.
  2. Select Registered in the dropdown menu, in the box that appears to the right of it, select Registered.
  3. Click on the + symbol to the right of the page, this will bring up another search criteria.
  4. Select 'Fees Paid' and Unpaid.
  5.  Click Search.



Figure 5 - Search for Registered, Unpaid members.


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