Levels of Access Available for Users

Access Levels in the GAA System

There are a number of Levels of Access available for users - a level of access is what a User can see and do when they log in to the GAA System.

Club Administrator

Club administrator rights are available for National, Provincial, County and club level users.

A club administrator has access to all areas at their assigned level - 


Figure 1 - Club Administrator Level


Users with SMS Level of access can access the Communications tab and use the SMS functionality only at their assigned level -



Figure 2 - SMS Level


Insurance Administrator

The Insurance Administrator has access to the Player Injury Scheme functionality only at their assigned level-



Figure 3 - Insurance Administrator Level

Competition Administrator

Competition Administrator rights are available for National, Provincial and County users only.

Competition Administrators have access to the Competitions and Communications tab in order to manage and create competitions at their assigned level.



Figure 4 - Competition Administrator Level


Fixture Planner

The Fixture Planner level is available for Provincial and County level users. A Fixture Planner has access to the Competitions tab in order to review all related Competitions at their assigned level.



Figure 5 - Fixture Planner Level



If you are assigned a combination of roles you will see the related tabs combined in your view when logged in to the GAA System.


Club Administrators : To see how to allocate an access level to a member of your club click here.

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