Bulk Re-Register Members

Step by Step Guide to Bulk Re-register Members


The Bulk Re-register Members function enables the Club Administrator to re-register a large number of unregistered club members at the same time by uploading an Excel document in CSV format.

To Bulk Re-register Members -

  • Go to Members > Register Members
  • Click 'More Actions' 
  • Click 'Bulk Reregister'.



Figure 1 - Bulk Re-register Members Page.


Step 1

  • Click 'Click Here' under Step 1 to download and then open the pre-populated template containing last years registration details for all currently unregistered members.
  • #Forename*
  • #Surname*
  • #Member ID* - the 7 digit number stored with a member when they are added to the system.
  • #GAA Membership Type* - can be Youth, Full, Honorary or Social.
  • #Player* - can be Y or N.
  • #Parental Consent* - can be Y or N.



  • In order for the upload to be successful columns must be in the order shown above.
  • Column Names must begin with the '#' key as shown above.
  • The GAA Member Type can only be ‘Youth’, ‘Full’, ‘Honorary or ‘Social’.
  • Parental consent is only applicable to Juvenile members.
  • Do not insert a '#' key anywhere else in the spreadsheet other than the Column headings.


  1. Edit the fields for each member you would like to re-register with the correct information.
  2. Once the spreadsheet is complete click 'File' and 'Save As'.
  3. Give the spreadsheet an appropriate name, ensure the file type is 'CSV (Comma Delimited)'.
  4. Once you are aware of where you are saving the file to (e.g Desktop, My Documents) click 'Ok'.


Step 2

  1. Click ' Browse'
  2. Locate the Bulk Reregister Members file on your computer, click on the file name.
  3. Click 'Open'.


Step 3

  1. Click 'Preview'.
  2. The Preview page will show you -
    • Total Number of Members Previewed.

    • Total Number of Members with valid data.

    • Total Number of Members with invalid data.

    • Hover over the column names to see the validation for each column.
  3. Members who's data is invalid will be marked with a red 'X' and will not be imported.
  4. Click 'Import' to import the members who's data is valid.
  5. On the next page you are provided with a table of the members who were not imported due to invalid date. click 'Export Bad Records' to export the 'Bad Records' to another Excel spreadsheet were you can edit the invalid data and re-submit the spreadsheet. If you wish to do so click 'Export Bad Records'.
  6. Otherwise click 'Ok'.


Export Bad Records

  • 'Export Bad Records' will export the members that contain 'bad data' to a new spreadsheet to enable you to make changes to the errors.
  • The fields that contain invalid data will be highlighted in red
  • After the last column you can see information on how to correct the invalid data.


  1. Correct the fields that contain invalid data.
  2. Save the file as 'CSV (Comma Delimited)'.
  3. Follow the steps above to import the corrected file.
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