Bulk Add Members

Step by Step Guide to Bulk Add Members


The Bulk Add Members function enables the Club Administrator to add a large number of members at the same time by uploading a Excel document in CSV format.

To Bulk Add Members;

  • Go to Members > Add & View Members.
  • Click 'Add'.
  • Click 'Bulk Add Members'.


NOTE: The template with validation only applies to clubs within Ireland and Great Britain. Countries outside of these will not be presented with this option and will have to use the bare template.

All members added via the Excel file will also be registered at the same time.


Step 1

On step 1 you will be presented with two options:

    • To download a template WITH validation (recommended) :
    • This will download an Excel Workbook which will have tips and validation that will guide you through the process of adding members details. Member details need to be entered in a certain format in order that the final uploaded document will be able to be read by the system and this will document will make it easier.
    • To download a template WITHOUT validation :
    • If for some reason you cannot access the aforementioned file then use this option. This will present a spreadsheet that contains all of the fields necessary for the system although does not provide any of the help or validation of the previous document.

Clicking either of these will download it to your computer.


Step 2

Open the spreadsheet. Both of the spreadsheets will be laid out the same with the difference that the validated Excel file will contain tips and multiple choice drop-downs. Fill out the spreadsheet with the member data. If you are transferring member data from another system then follow the instructions here.


Step 3

We will now be saving the spreadsheet to a format that the system will be able to understand when the document is uploaded.

  1. Determine which version of Excel you are using (It will tell you within the start menu > programs > Microsoft Office). It will say which version you are using 2003, 2007 or 2010.
  2. Save the file as a CSV file to a folder of your choosing. You can do this:
  • In Excel 2003 by using the Save As command (on the File menu) and from the dropdown.
  • Choose the folder you wish to save it in.
  • In the Save as type list, click on CSV (comma delimited) and click Save.
  • A popup will appear. Click OK.
  • If another appears click YES.


  • In Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 by clicking into the round orb in the top left of the screen and click on Save As.
  • Choose the folder you wish to save it in.
  • In the Save as type list, click on CSV (comma delimited) and click Save.
  • A popup will appear. Click OK.
  • If another appears click YES.


Note: If your file contains fadas you will need to perform one additional step before uploading it into the system-

  • Open Notepad.
  • Click File > Open and select the bulk add members file.
  • Remove any blank trailing spaces at the end of the text.
  • Click File > Save As.
  • Set Encoding to UTF-8.
  • Click Save.


Step 4

Now you are ready to upload the file of new members.

      1. Click 'Browse'.
      2. Locate the file that you previously named and saved to your computer.
      3. Click on the file name.
      4. Click 'Open'.



Figure 1 - Bulk Add Members Page



Step 5

      1. The Preview Screen will tell you -
        • The number of new members you have added to the spreadsheet.
        • The number of members with valid data (data entered successfully).
        • The number of members with invalid data (data entered incorrectly).
        • 'Jim Bloggs' information has been entered correctly.
        • To see the correct validation for each field, hover over each column name.
      2. Click 'Import' to import members who's details have entered successfully. A drop down bar will appear telling you the number of successfully imported members and the number that were unable to be imported due to errors. If it tells you all the members have been successfully added then this is the process completed. If not click on the 'Export Bad Records' button.
      3. Edit all the records that are causing the errors, following the guidance from the export table.
      4. Save and re-upload the document as before.
      5. Do this until all members have been added.

Importing members data from a previous system / spreadsheet

If you already have a spreadsheet of members you wish to import in to the GAA System, the spreadsheet must be in the format show below;

(Refer to attached American Spreadsheet for American version)

      • #English Forename*
      • #English Surname*
      • #Irish Forename
      • #Irish Surname
      • #Gender M/F*
      • #DOB (DD/MM/YYYY)*
      • #Address 1*
      • #Address 2*
      • #Address 3
      • #Address 4
      • #Town*
      • #County (English)*
      • #Country*
      • #Postcode
      • #GAA Member Type*
      • #Player Y/N*
      • #Parental Consent Y/N*
      • #Home CC
      • #Home Number
      • #Mobile CC
      • #Mobile Number
      • #Work CC
      • #Work Number
      • #Email
      • #Other Info



      • In order for the upload to be successful columns must be in the order shown above.
      • Column Names must begin with the '#' key as shown above.
      • The GAA Member Type can only be ‘Youth’, ‘Full’, ‘Honorary or ‘Social’.
      • The Country code for the home, mobile and work phone numbers must represent the Country i.e Ireland (+353) UK (+44). 
      • Any column header that has * after the name indicates that it is a mandatory field.
      • If a Member IS a player then you must supply their DOB.
      • Do not insert a '#' key anywhere else in the spreadsheet other than the Column headings.


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