The Families Section enables the Club Administrator to link family members together under the one Family Name. You can view a list of the Families created in your Club by going to the 'Families' tab in the Members Section.

If the parent/guardian(s) of juvenile player are not members in the club, you will need to add them as contact first before creating the family. To see how to create a contact click here.

Figure 1 - Families Page

Create A Family

  1. Go to Families
  2. Click 'Add'

Step 1

  1. Provide information for -
    • Name*
    • Greeting
    • Description
  2. Click Next.
* is a mandatory field and must be filled in. Greeting and Description are for informational purposes and are optional.


Figure 1 - Step 1 of Add Family Details


Step 2

  1. You can search for a particular member using the search function, select a field to search by such as 'Surname'.
      • NOTE: If the family member is stored as a Contact rather than a member you will need to select 'Contacts/Members' from the search list and select 'Contact', click 'Search' to return a list of all contacts in the club. An example search might be -
          • Select 'Contact/Members' and choose Contact.
          • Click the '+' sign to the right hand side of the screen.
          • From the new drop down list select 'Surname' and enter the members surname in the blank text box e.g 'Brown'
          • Click 'Search' - this will show all Contacts within the system that go by the surname Brown.
  2.  Select a member/contact by ticking the check box beside their name and click 'Add' to move them to the table on the right, alternatively you can drag and drop a member in to the right hand side table.
  3. Once you have added all the family members to the table on the right hand side click Next.

Figure 3 - Step 2 Add Family Members

Step 3

  1. Out of the family members you can select -
    • Head of Household (This property links with the Fees Management functionality and will be the name that appears here).
    • Primary Contact (This property links with Communications (SMS & Email) functionality i.e. All messages sent to juveniles will get copied to the primary contact).
    • Primary Address (This property links with Communications Functionality for Mail).
  2. Click Finish.
Figure 4 - Step 3 Assignees


Add a Member to a Family


There are two ways to add a member to a family-

    • Go to Families
    • Click on the Family name you wish to add a member to
    • Go to Step 2 of the Wizard and add the member as shown in Figure 3, Step 2 of the Wizard above.
    • Complete the wizard and click 'Finish'.
    • Go to Add&View Members page
    • Search for the member and click on their name to view their properties.
Figure 5 - Search for Family Name.


  • In the Family Details search box type the name of the family, the system will begin searching and produce a valid result if the family name exists
  • Click on the Family name to add the Member to the Family.
  • Click 'Submit'.
Figure 6 - Add the Member to the Family.


Create A Family whilst adding a new member


When adding a new member you can also create a new family all from within the one page -

  1. Complete the Add New Member form with the new members details.
  2. In the 'Add to Family' box click "Can't find the family you are looking for? Click here to add a new one".
  3. An 'Add New Family' box will appear, enter the member who is to be the Head of Household and enter the Family Name.
  4. If the Head of Household does not exist as a member in the system click 'OR click here to add a new member'. Otherwise click 'Save' to close the Add New Family Box and click 'Register' to save your new member with the family.
  5. If you have clicked 'OR click here to add a new member' you will see an 'Add New Member' box - enter the Head of Household details. Note: if the Head of Household is NOT a club member set them as a 'Contact'.
  6. Click Save to close the Add New Member box.
  7. Click Save to close the Add New Family box.
  8. Click Register to save and register the new member with the new family.



Figure 7 - Creating a new family when adding a new member.



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