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Club Administrator

This section is for the Club Administrator of a 3rd Level College. The Club Administrator has access to the Members tab in order to -


Add a New Third Level Member


To Add a New Member -

  • Go to Members > View Members
  • Click Add > Member
  • Enter in the details for that member: 
    • Forname and Surname
    • Term Time Address
    • Date of Birth (optional)
    • Gender
    • Student ID / number
    • Course Name
    • Academic Year
    • Course Code
    • Course Level
    • Academic Credits per Semester
    • Playing Football/Hurling
    • Football/Hurling Level
    • Course Start Year
    • Term Time Address
    • Email (optional)
    • Telephone number (optional)
    • Home Club (optional)
    • Home County (optional)
  • Click Save


Fiure 1 - Add New Member


Members added within the one session will be added to the table below -


Figure 2 - Members Added/Updated in this Session


Note : New Members need to be registered by the Club Secretary.



Search for an Existing Member

To search for an existing member -
  • Select a field to search by from the drop down e.g Forename
  • Use the '+' to the right to add more search fields e.g. Surname
  • Click 'Search'


Figure 3 - Search for a particular Member

Edit a Member


To edit a Member -

  • Locate the Member in the system either using the search functionality shown above or by selecting a member using the 'check' box beside their name
  • Click on the Members name, the form showin in Figure 1 will appear containing the members details
  • Edit the necessary details
  • Click 'Submit'


Delete a Member(s)


To delete a Member (s) -

  • Locate the Member (s) in the system
  • Select the Member(s) using the 'check' box beside their name
  • Click 'More Actions'
  • Select 'Delete'

Note: this action is permanent



Hibernate a Member


Hibernating a Member will 'remove' them from the system and put them under the 'Hibernated' tab. There are a number of reasons for Hibernating a member-

  • The member has left the club and may return at a later stage. If/when the member returns, rather than deleting them and possibly having to re-add them, hibernating them will continue storing ttheir membership details and history in the system.
  • To continue storing a members details and membership history


To Hibernate a Member (s) -

  • Locate the Member (s) in the system
  • Select the Member(s) using the 'check' box beside their name
  • Click 'More Actions'
  • Select 'Hibernate'

Club Secretary


The Club Secretary has access to the Register Members Tab. Within the Register Members table you will see a list of all existing members and any new members that have been added by the Club Administrator.


Member will appear in two colours -

  1. Red means they are currently un-registered and therefore need to be registered
  2. Black means the member has been registered already

To register members, perform the following steps:

  • Go to Register Members
  • Select the year for the members you want to view
  • Select the members you wish to register using the check boxes next to their names
  • Tick the check box in the yellow box at the top of the page if you are sure the information provided for each player is correct
  • Click the Register button

Note: The Register button will only appear once you have read and ticked the yellow box.



Register Members 
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