County and National Level Users Only - Annual €2 Fees Report

Annual €2 Fees Report


The annual fees report can be generated at National and County level, it enables you to see which Clubs has generated the invoice for the annual €2 Fees -

County Level Users:

  1. Click 'Reports'.
  2. See 'Invoice Report' - Select the season.
  3. Click 'Excel'.

This will prodice an Excel spreadsheet listing all clubs within your County that has generated the annual €2 Fees invoice.


Figure 1 - Invoice Report County Level Users.


National Level Users:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. See 'Invoice Report' - select the County and Season.
  3. Click Excel.

This will produce an Excel spreadsheet with a list of the clubs in the chosen County that has generated the invoice for annual €2 Fees.



Figure 2 - Invoice Report National Level Users.

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