The following section enables the Club to add a venue and associate an existing venue with their Club.

Figure 1 - Venues Page.

Add Venue

To add a venue to your club -

  1. Click 'Associate'
  2. Click 'Add Venue'.
  3. In Step 1 provide information for the following -
    • Name*
    • Abbreviation
    • Address 1*
    • Address 2
    • Town/City*
    • Postcode
    • Latitude
    • Longtitude
    • County*
    • Description
    • Default Venue for this Club **
    • Venue Grade
  4. Click 'Finish', the new venue will be added to the table above.
* Fields marked with * are required, fields without this can be left blank
**Selecting 'Yes' for this option set this venue as the default for the club, you will see this marked as 'Y' in the venue table in Figure 1
Figure 2 - Add a Venue.



Figure 3 - Add a Venue Form.


Associate Venue

To associate an existing venue with your club -

  1. Click 'Associate'
  2. Select the existing venue that you wish to associate with your club
  3. Ticket 'Yes' if you would like this venue to be the default venue for your club
  4. Click 'Submit'


Figure 4 - Associate a venue with your club.


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