Integrating the Servasport Google Gadget Feed



To request the necessary URLs to use the Google Gadget or if there are any questions about the following information or examples are needed, please contact Servasport: GAA Support.


You will need to get two URLs from GAA Support:

  • The Code Generator
  • The Gadget URL 


Please note, the Google Gadget is only compatible with Google Sites.


Getting the Code from the Code Generator

  • Go to the Code Generator page
  • Select whether you want a specific Competitions or a Club feed
  • If you select competitions:
    • Select the Level 
      • National 
      • Provincial
      • County
    • Select the Owner / Province
    • Select the Competition Code
      • Football 
      • Hurling
      • Both 
    • Select the Season 
    • Select the Competition
  • If you select Club:
    • Select the type:
      • Province
      • County 
      • Club
    • Select the Province
    • If you selected the type as County, select the County
    • If you selected the type as Club, select the County then the Club Type
  • Click the Get Code Button 


Setting up the Google Gadget

  • Open a new tab in your web browser
  • Go to your website and sign in
  • Go to the page you want the feed to be on or create a new page if it has not already been created
  • Click Edit Page button in the top right
  • Click the area you want the gadget to be 
  • Click Insert > More Gadgets
  • Click Add a Gadget by URL on the left hand side of the window
  • Enter the Google Gadget URL given to you by GAA Support
  • Click Add


Add a Gadget to your page using a URL  
  • Copy and Paste the code from the Code Generator into the the text box at the top of the list (Generated Code (from Servasport))



Gadget Preferences - Insert generated code and set other preferences
  • Click OK 


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