The GAA Management System

The GAA Management System can be accessed from the following web address:


System Roles

The following roles can be assigned to users of the GAA Management System:

Role Description
Club Administrator This user has the ability to perform all functions and access all data relating to the Club.
SMS User This user has the ability to send SMS text messages and Emails to Club Members. Messages may be sent to the list of Teams, Groups and Committees defined by the Club Registrar and\or Club Administrator.
Insurance Administrator This user has the ability to manage the details of the Player Injury Scheme.
Competition Administrator This user has the ability to manage all aspects of Competitions within the County\Province in question.
County Administrator In addition to the ability to manage all aspects of Competitions, this user has the ability to perform all functions and access all data relating to the County\Province in question.


GAA Membership Categories

The are four categories of membership in a GAA club:

  • Full Membership
  • Youth Membership
  • Social Membership
  • Honorary Membership

Each year, a club is required to submit a register of its Club Members (Full and Youth), its players and its Executive Committee. This is facilitated for clubs by using the online membership system.

NOTE - Clubs must register all of their players, Juvenile and Adult. Therefore, the juvenile and the adult section of the club are both on the one club account. There are no ‘separate’ juvenile accounts.



If you have a question on the GAA System and would like immediate answers, for example 'How do I make a member a player?'

Why not search our Help Forums?


Using the search bar simply type an accurate, brief description of your query -

As making a member a player involves members - you would begin by selecting the 'Members Functionality' result -



Figure 1 - Searching the forums for Immediate answers!


If you have searched the forum and require further information on the GAA System click Servasport Helpdesk.


Data Protection

Each club has a duty to ensure that the data stored on this system is used for GAA purposes only.

Those in the club with full access to the system must under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER give their username and password out to other persons.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER should a club pass on any of the information stored on the system to any third party, no matter what the reason for their requiring it. To do so would be a breach of the Data Protection Act. This includes companies who wish to contact members about special offers etc.

Each club must also ensure that any mobile phone numbers stored on this system are used solely for the purpose of the club sending text messages about club\fixture activity. Members are entitled to request that their number be excluded from receiving messages about fundraiser etc. if they so wish.

Each club and member can be assured that the national database developed will be used for GAA purposes only. The Association will not be using this information for any other reason other than developing statistics on our player numbers and communicating with members.


Contact Details of Children

Mobile phone numbers and email addresses for Children should NOT be added to the system. Contact numbers for a parent/guardian should be specified in all circumstances.

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