Welcome Section

Welcome Section

Once logged in you will be directed to the Welcome Page. This page contains 3 main areas.

  • News
    • This section is used by the GAA and/or Servasport to post News stories to Clubs and Counties relating to the system (e.g. To notify Members of changes to the Support times).
  • Information
    • This section is used by the GAA and/or Servasport to post permanent information updates (e.g. Guidance on Child Protection).
  • Alerts
    • This section displays a range of system notifications. Alerts may indicate that there is an action outstanding or pending on the part of the Club Admin user(s). Alert may also be provided for informational purposes only.
Figure 1 – Welcome Screen



There are several alerts that will appear on the Welcome page but for each level of access an administrator has to the system, there will be different alerts customised to their level.

For a list of all alerts that may display within the alerts section of the Welcome page please click the access level you have below for a full explanation of each alert;

Provincial Alerts

County Alerts

Club Alerts

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