Contact Support Section

This section of the system provides end users with the ability to contact the Servasport Support team directly with feedback or to request system enhancements.

All system enhancement requests are recorded and reviewed on a regular basis with the GAA, with a view to inclusion in a subsequent system release or update.

Submit Contact Support Form

The fields in the Contact Support form will be pre-populated with your information. Perform the following steps to submit the form:

1. You can change the Email address in the Email textbox if need be.

2. Enter your feedback or request in the Feedback textbox.

3. Click Submit.


Figure 1 - Contact Support page

Alternative way of Contacting Support

If you are not on the system and need to contact support then you can send them a direct email to 

There is also a Contact Support section on the log in screen of the system which provides the Servasport Support contact details.

Figure 2 - Contact Support section from Log in Screen
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