Competition Results

The following section provides the Competition Administrator and Club Administrator users with the ability to perform the following actions:


View Results

This page provides users with the ability to view and edit the full list of Results associated with Competitions in the County\Province in question.

The Records Per Page drop down control can be updated to adjust the number of Results listed within the Results table.

The user can specify details for the following values when searching for a Result:

  • Hide Postponed Games
  • Hide Abandoned Games
  • Hide BYE Games
  • Hide Pending Games
  • Fixture Status
  • Between Date

The following details are displayed for each Result:

  • Traffic Light Status (See Communications)
  • ID
  • Competition
  • When (Date)
  • Competition
  • Round
  • Status
  • Venue
  • Referee
Figure 1 – View Results

Similar to the Fixtures page, a Quick Edit facility is also provided for each Result.


Edit a Result

To edit a Result perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Results page.

2. Use the Filter options to refresh the Results table and identify the Result you wish to edit.

3. Click the Name of the result. The Update Result page will be displayed.


Figure 2 – Update Result Page

4. Edit the appropriate property values.

5. Click the Update button to save all changes.

6. To view a record of all the SMS activity between the system and Match Officials relating to this fixture, click the Show\Hide SMS Activity link.


Figure 3 - SMS Activity for the Fixture\Result


Delete a Result

To delete one or more Results perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Result page.

2. Click the checkboxes associated with each of the Results you wish to delete.

3. Click the Delete button.

4. Click Yes on the pop-up to confirm that you wish to delete the selected Results(s).

5. The specified Results(s) will be marked as deleted.

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