Competition Fixtures

The following section provides the Competition Administrator and Club Administrator users with the ability to perform the following actions:


View Fixtures

This page provides users with the ability to view and edit the full list of Fixtures associated with Competitions in the County\Province in question.

The Records Per Page drop down control can be updated to adjust the number of Fixtures listed within the Fixtures table.

The user can specify details for the values listed below when searching for a fixture:

  • Hide Games - Postponed/Abandoned/BYE/TBC
  • Fixture Status - Allows you to filter by Green, Amber or Red (Click here to see what each status means)
  • Between Dates - Allows you to select only fixtures within certain dates.
  • Referee - Allows you to filter by Referee Pools.

The user can also filter the list of fixtures using these properties. For example:

  1. Select ‘Hide Postponed Games
  2. Click ‘Search

All postponed games are removed from the view.

Figure 1 – Filtering the list of fixtures displayed- e.g. ‘Hide Postponed Games’.


The following details are displayed for each Fixture:

  • Traffic  Light status (Explained in 'Communications')
  • ID
  • Details
  • When (Date)
  • Competition
  • Round
  • Status
  • Venue
  • Referee


Figure 2 – View Fixtures


A Quick Edit facility is also provided for each Fixture.


Figure 3 – Quick Edit Fixture


If you wish to edit the fixture in full, click on the name of the fixture where you will be shown all properties belonging to the fixture:

Figure 4 – Edit Fixture in full

Add a Fixture

To add a Fixture perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Fixtures page.

2. Click the Add button.

3. Specify values for each of the following properties:

  • Competition Administrator
  • Defaults to the current user
  • Fitler Competition
    • Both
    • Football
    • Hurling
  • Competition
    • A drop down list provides a list of all competitions to choose from.
  • Home Team
    • A Placeholder value may be provided if unknown.
  • Away Team
    • A Placeholder value may be provided if unknown.
  • Round
  • Venue
    • The list of Venues available may depend on the Venues associated with the Teams in question and whether a Master Venue Pool has been assigned to the Competition in question.
  • Extra Time Allowed
  • Replay


Figure 5 – Add Fixture Details


4. Specify schedule properties for the fixture (i.e. Date and Time). If the exact date of the fixture is unknown a date range may be specified.


Figure 6 – Add Fixture Schedule


5. Assign Match Officials to the Fixture. There will be no options available here unless a Match Officials Pool has been assigned to the Competition.

6. A number of additional (optional) properties may also be specified:

  • Broadcast Details
  • Notes
  • Report URL
  • Re-scheduled Fixture
  • Publish Date
    • If a Publish Date is specified, the fixture in question will not be published via the Servasport Fixtures and Results XML feed until the date in question is reached.

Each of the above properties are published via Servasport Fixtures and Results XML feed.

7. Click the Save button.

8. The Fixture will be saved and added to the Fixtures Added in this Session table.


Edit Fixtures

To edit a fixture perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Fixtures page

2. Click on the Competition Name

3. the following properties can be edited from this page:

  • Home Team 
  • Away Team
  • Round
  • Venue
  • Extra Time Allowed 
  • Postponed
  • The date and time
  • Broadcast Details
  •  Notes
  •  Report URL
  •  Re-scheduled Fixture
  •  Publish Date

4. The Referee Report can also be downloaded from here

5. Click Save button

6. The Fixture will be updated


Delete a Fixture

To delete one or more Fixtures perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Fixtures page.

2. Click the checkboxes associated with each of the Fixtures you wish to delete.

3. Click the Delete button.

4. Click Yes on the pop-up to confirm that you wish to delete the selected Fixtures(s).

5. The specified Fixtures(s) will be marked as deleted.


Add CCC Rulings for Fixtures and Results

CCC Rulings enable you to add/deduct points for a club. You can do this within a fixture or a result -


  1. Within Fixtures or Results select a fixture/result using the check box provided
  2. Click 'More Actions' > 'CCC Ruling'

Figure 7 – CCC Ruling
    3. Within the "Add CCC Ruling" box you will see the fixture details, add/deduct the relevant points for the Home/Away team
    4. Add Ruling Notes is applicable
    5. Click 'Finish'
    6. Note - CCC Rulings will affect the league standings, and any comments added will be published below the league table.
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