Venue and Match Official Pools

The following section provides the Competition Administrator and Club Administrator users with the ability to perform the following actions:

  • Create and edit Master Venue Pools
  • Create and edit Master Match Official Pools

A Master Pool (Venue or Match Official) can be assigned to or utilised by all Competitions.


On this page:

View Pools

This page provides users with the ability to view and edit the full list of Master Pools created on the system for the County\Province in question.

The Records Per Page drop down control can be updated to adjust the number of Competitions listed within the Competitions table.

The following details are displayed for each Competition:

  • Name
  • Description

Add a New Pool

To create a brand new Master Pool perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Competitions page.

2. Specify either Venue or Referee from the drop down list.

3. Click the Add button.

4. Specify a Name (required).

5. Specify a Description (optional).

6. Use the filter options provided to select the list of Venues or Referee’s that you wish to add to the Pool.

7. Click the Add button to add the selected items to the right hand table.

8. Click the Add button to complete the Pool.


Figure 1 – Venue Pools

Edit Pool

To Edit a Pool perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Pools page

2. Click on the Name of the pool

3. From the edit pool page the name, description and referees/venues can be edited. 


Figure 2 - Edit Pool
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