Members Management FAQs


How can I add new members to the club?

New Club Members can be added and registered in two ways.

Club Administrators and\or Club Registrars can add new Members via the user interface. See Add and Register New Member(s) for more details.

Alternatively the Servasport Support team can facilitate the bulk import and registration of multiple new Members. Contact the Support team for details on the bulk import facility - see section Support for more details.


How can I reregister existing Members/Players for the current Season?

Club Member re-registrations are performed via the user interface. See section Registration for more details.


How do I make a member a Player after they have been registered?

See section Making a member a Player in the Members Section of the Association Management User Guide.


How can I unregister a member who was registered by accident?

See section Edit Membership History for details on how to delete a Member registration.



How can I generate a report detailing Member properties?

The list of Members within a Club can be displayed on the View Members Page. The Search functionality on this page can be used to generate lists of subsets of users (e.g. Display the list of Juvenile Members? Display a list of Members registered for 2010).

The contents of the View Members Table can then be exported to PDF, Word or Excel format.

See section View Club Members for more details.


How can I setup Sub-Committee’s within the Club?

Sub Committees can be setup and edited via the View Committees page.

See section on Committees for more details.


How can I view who I've Registered?

A list of Registered members can be viewed on the Members page. 

For more information see View Registered Members


How do I make a member a referee (match official)?

See section Edit Membership History for details on how to mark a Member as a Referee on the system.


How do I delete duplicate members?

Duplicate Members can be deleted from the Members Page.

See Delete Member(s) for more information


How can I view Contact Information of my members/players?

There are two ways to view contact information for members/players:

a. via the Members page (Word, Excel, PDF).

b. via the Reports page (PDF).

See View Contact Information for more details.


How can I give access to other members?

A Club Administrator can grant other members certain access, for example, Referee, SMS User, Club Secretary etc.

For further Information see Edit Membership Privileges.


How can I view last years registrations?

It is possible to view members who were registered in the previous season. 

See View Last Years Registrations for more information


How do I print a list of members?

To print of a list of members there are two ways which this can be done:

1. Using the members page

2. Using the report page

See Printing a List of Members for more information 


How do I view what has been sent to Croke Park when I click 'Submit registrations to Croke Park'?

See section Submit Registrations to County Secretary and Croke Park for details on submitting registrations to Croke Park.

To view the details of the content sent to Croke Park generate the All Members report. The content of this report (bar the 'Home phone', 'Mobile phone', 'Email', 'Other info' properties) is equivalent to the information submitted as part of the registration process.


How do I transfer a player?

See Transfers for information on transferring a player

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