Instructions for Upload Templates

The following section provides instructions for using each of the Upload Templates:

Fixture Upload Template


There are two sheets within the Fixture Upload spreadsheet -

  1.     Fixtures - All fixtures to be uploaded should be populated in this sheet.
  2.     Clubs - All Clubs within the county are listed in this sheet.


  •  To populate a Fixture identify the ID for the two clubs involved using the 'Clubs' sheet. The club Id will be listed in Column A in the Clubs sheet.
  • Go to the Fixtures page - insert the ID of the Home team in column A and the ID of the Away team in column C. The Club names will be automatically populated in columns B and D.
  • Date, time, round and referee ID are optional fields
  • Do this for each fixture you wish to upload
  • Save the Excel file with an appropriate name
  • Send it to for it to be uploaded


Venue Upload Template


The Venue upload sheet will contain a list of all the clubs within the particular county.

If you need to add another venue to your club -

  • add a new row to the spreadsheet, insert the same Club ID and Name
  • insert the new venue information in Venue Name, Address 1, Address 2 and Town.
To add a Venue to your club for the first time -
  • locate your club ID and name in the list
  • fill out the relevent information
Save the spreadsheet and forward it to to be uploaded



Officials Upload Template


If the referee already exists in the system as a member, search for the member under the 'Add&View Members' section using the search functionality.
Take note of the the Member IDs that you are adding as referees.

 Open the spreadsheet and provide information about  for the following fields -

  • Unique ID - (The member ID that you previously took note off)
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • DOB
  • Phone Number
  • County
  • Club

Each referee should begin on a new row.

If the referee does not already exist in the GAA System, leave the Unique ID blank and they will be added as a new member.

If the referee already exists as a member in the system, copy their member ID in to the 'Unique ID' column in the Officials Upload spreadsheet and their member record will be updated and marked as a referee


Save the file and send it




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